"Unshaken: A True Story of Faith and Hope" is the ACLJ’s documentary shot on location in Israel and includes interviews with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Shimon Peres, and leading military officials. "Unshaken" tells the story of the hope and faith of one family who paid the ultimate price for running a Christian bookstore in the Gaza Strip and their journey out of Islamic Gaza to the safety of Israel.

This compelling film was also the first to be released by the new ACLJ Films. Founded to be a partner in ACLJ's mission of protecting free speech and religious liberty across the globe, ACLJ Films has gone on to release several more movies. Each new documentary has not only told the important personal stories of individuals struggling for life, religious freedom and freedom of speech but also informs the public with revealing facts from experts and officials around the world.

Directed by: Logan Sekulow

Produced by: Brightbulb Entertainment

Director of Photography: Paul Lawson