Abortion Inc.

Lies. Fear. Intimidation.
The pro-abortion lobby doesn’t hesitate to use these tactics toward anyone who stands in the way of their $1.3 billion annual revenue stream, all while using these same strategies to prey on mothers in the midst of crisis and profit off the murder of their children.
"Abortion, Inc." peels back the deceptive talking points of Planned Parenthood and their pro-abortion allies, revealing the true motivations of the abortion industry. Members of Congress and former Planned Parenthood Clinic Directors explain how the big business of abortion really works. From the abortion quotas they set for their clinics to the sale of baby body parts, the business of abortion is about profit margins, not empowering women like they claim.
In "Abortion, Inc." real women tell their stories of how their lives were shattered by the lies of the abortion industry. And for what price and purpose? Nothing but the barbaric motivation to make more money.
ACLJ Films’ "Abortion, Inc." shines a light into the darkness, reminding us all of the women and children who are victimized by one of the biggest human rights crises of our lifetime.

Directed by: Aaron Hodges and Brandon Rice

Produced by: Aaron Hodges

Executive Producers: Jay Sekulow, Logan Sekulow

Director of Photography: Samuel McDonough